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Wyncode vs 4Geeks Academy: Which Programming Bootcamp is a Better Investment?

This page is not intended to sell our program.  Instead, we want to clarify the main differences between two of the largest Miami based web development courses: 4Geeks Academy and Wyncode.  As always, the answer to “which is a better Bootcamp” is: “it depends” and here is why:

Schedule and duration

Wyncode offers a full-time immersive course, with a very rigorous intensive program.  You need to have your entire day available (at least from 9 am to 6 pm) to attend all classes and mentorships.  They do that because their goal is to prepare you to become a developer the fastest possible.  The course takes 10 weeks and requires all of your time.

We have a part-time only program.  Not only because it suits you better, but because we believe in part-time education.  We have worked to offer a premium coding education with a part-time methodology based on: Flipped Classroom + Mastery learning + 1-1 Mentorship.  The turnaround on the Educational Traditions is part of what makes us different than others.  You can do the online work on your own schedule.  The in-class sessions are 3 hours – 3 times per week: 6 pm to 9 pm.  And you can schedule one-on-one sessions with your mentor at any time.


Both academies are project-oriented and will train you in full stack web development.  Also, the job placement programs are similar, with many partnerships to support your career.

Wyncode teaches mainly Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS.  They teach you how to build web applications and also provide business lessons.  At the end of the course, you pitch your product in a technical and business perspective – in a “demo day” similar to the last phase of startup incubators.

4Geeks Academy is fully focused on software development.  As you may already know, everything here is about: “Breathe Code”.  Our goal is to teach you how to become a skillful developer ready to face the challenges that you will have during your new career as a developer.  Our main areas of focus are PHP, JavaScript, ReactJS, Python, HTML5/CSS and WordPress.


Wyncode provides instructors that assist students and answer their questions, with a ratio of 1 mentor for every 8 students.

We have a similar program, with 1 mentor for every 7 students, and we also offer online one-on-one sessions with a flexible schedule.  You can make an appointment with your assigned mentor during the course.

Application process

Wyncode’s process is very private – once you apply you get a call from one of their executives, and a series of interviews are made; you need to make a deposit to start the course and they recommend that you have at least some experience in coding before applying.

We only have Senior Instructors.  Our program is open for everybody: we welcome everyone no matter the coding experience they have.  During the pre-work, you will create your first website, and we will get to know you better.  We believe in keeping a close relationship with our students.  We are 24/7 ready to help you.


Wyncode’s tuition is $11.500, but you can apply for financing options with Pave and Climb.  Financing ranges from 5% to 12% interest and from 24 to 36 months.  On top of Wyncode’s tuition, you have to add your maintenance costs for 9 weeks, because you need to quit your job and stop any other activities while the course is in progress.

Our tuition fee will be $6,000 for our part-time intense program.  But, most importantly, we have designed our very own Extended Payment Plan.  You will have the opportunity to pay on a monthly basis, from only $240 per month.

It is important to remember that we additionally have the program with Miami Dade College.  We are the only Academy in the City with a strong and solid Program within a University.

You also need to check out all of our Financial options.  There are a few only focused on the program with Miami Dade College, but there are several others to the programs we are launching.  Financing your education must not be a problem with us.

Our conclusion

People choosing Wyncode are looking for (or need) a more coding-business-community program.  It is a faster program that will teach you to code in 9 weeks, but it will require your full spread of attention.  4Geeks Academy will make you a developer.  All of our attention is on delivering you premium content, with a part-time schedule, from only $240 per month.

4Geeks Academy has 320+ hours fully dedicated to web development while Wyncode divides their lessons between business (entrepreneurship) and coding.  Wyncode is more expensive, and they also teach different technologies than we do.

You have the choice and the city has the options for you.  Miami is growing as a Tech ecosystem and that is a benefit for all of us working towards the development of the city.  Now, the main elements for you to consider are: Pricing (including financial assistance) + Placement + Technologies + Schedule (Part-time vs. Full-Time).  We have built a strong offer to help you make the best decision for your career.

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