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Wyncode, Ironhack and 4Geeks Academy comparison

We are sure that every potential student is asking the same question:  Which is the best coding academy (development bootcamp) in Miami?

A short and expected answer is the same: It depends!

When you have several options (but mainly 3 most recognizable) in the same market, all of them are trying to build the difference; the coding bootcamps market in Miami is not the exception.  I consider Miami a very lucky place because 24 months ago there were no coding bootcamps in Miami, and now we have 3 great academies with a lot of experience in teaching and proven success.

It is not about the best academy in Miami

The real question is: Which is the best Bootcamp for me?  Learn all the pros and cons of each academy and make a decision-based on your own priorities, needs, and values.

Quick Fact!

There are over 23,000 open jobs NOW in Miami for Software Developers.  So, there is plenty of space for all of us.

Let’s cut to the chase and start the comparison:



4Geeks Academy


BackgroundThey are a local initiative founded with the support of the Knight Foundation. They started in Wynwood and now they have opened another location in Fort Lauderdale. They started the project in April 2015.Was born out the necessity of developers at 4Geeks, a software development company with more than 9 years of experience. We are a Miami based Bootcamp, with 5 Locations across three (3) different cities. We launched the company in October 2015. Learn more about our history here.Miami is the third location for IronHack, they have other locations in Madrid and Barcelona (Spain). They started the project in late 2013. 
ExperienceIs the fastest growing Bootcamp in Miami, in the past 10 months they have graduated more than 100 students; they are part of NESTA and have support from Knight Foundation.We already have more than 300 graduates across 5 Locations. We are certified by the Florida Department of Education, and we also have a strong alliance with Miami Dade College. IronHack is pretty known in Spain, if not the best; they are one of the top bootcamps there, with courses in Barcelona and Madrid.


350+ hours
(40+ hours week for 9 weeks) 
320+ hours
(25+ hours per week for 14 weeks)
360+ hours
(40+ hours per week for 8 weeks) 
Type of training


Wyncode trains students with a mix of web development and entrepreneurial lessons. You will also learn full stack web development.


We focus all our energy on getting the students ready for real life coding jobs in web development.  We use a full stack web development syllabus.


They also focus all their energy on preparing students for web development, with a full stack web development syllabus.


Dedication required


Most students say that they practically move out to Wyncode for 9 weeks.  It’s a very immersive experience.


Part-time focused.  10 hours of in-person classes and 10+ hours more of practice, building projects and learning all the content designed to enhance your career. 


IronHack says that you need 110% dedication to the course; you cannot do anything else for 9 weeks.




Full-time: 9AM-6PM, Monday to Friday.


Part-time: 6PM-9PM, three classes (3) per week. 


Full-time: 9AM-8PM, Monday to Friday.




Wyncode has in-class mentoring sessions.


In addition to the in-class mentorship, we have a special program in which you can ask for a remote one-on-one mentoring session whenever and wherever you want.


IronHack has in-class mentoring sessions.


Teacher: Student Ratio


1 : 8

1 : 7


1 : 8

Hiring rate








$11,500 total tuition
(special discounts for veterans and women)
$6,000 total tuition$11,000 total tuition
($500+ Scholarships may apply)


They have a partnership with Pave and Climb for 36 months financing. We have our very own Extended Payment Plan. You apply to a very simple process designed to accommodate your financial possibilities. Financing information available upon request.




Wyncode has no pre-work or technical preparation for the course.

Pre-work is already included in the Tuition Fee.

IronHack has a paid pre-work for all their students:
3+ weeks, remote and part-time.


Technologies used


Full stack:
Ruby and Rails.


Full stack:
JavaScript, ReactJS, PythonPHP and WordPress, 
PHP and WordPress
(Learn here why we teach PHP)

Full stack:
Ruby, JavaScript, and Rails.


Academic content platform










$1,000 credit card deposit to reserve.


No Deposit!


                             $1,000 deposit.




Fort Lauderdale (FAT Village) 

Miami Dade College


Downtown Miami (Starthub) 

Downtown (Building.co)


Hiring partners


Strong and very close relations with potential employers.


Strong and very close relations with potential employers.


Strong and very close relations with potential employers.


As you can see, the bootcamps in Miami vary a lot depending on your needs.  At 4Geeks Academy we believe in “part-time education” because it’s the best way to keep up your life while you take the time to become a developer.

Here you can read more about: Why we think part-time studies are the future.

Part-time is only possible as a consequence of our own methodology: Flipped Classroom + 1:7 student/instructor ratio + 1-1 mentorship + mastery learning.  Having to learn a variety of concepts and technologies in such a short period of time can be extremely overwhelming.  In this way, it can be difficult to process all the information given until you start practicing as much as it is necessary.

If you want to get more into detail, you can read our comparison between 4Geeks Academy and Wyncode.

Finally, we want to remain not just the most affordable academy between the three (by far), but we also want to be the most accessible one. This is why we have opened our pre-work free for everybody.  If you want to sign-up, click here.

Interested in learning to code?
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