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A Premium Program designed to
launch your web developer career

[ 300+ hours of lessons; 3 times a week for a 16-week period. ]

Real “Senior” Mentoring

Each member of our teaching staff has over 10 years of coding experience and holds a 'Senior' position in Miami's tech industry.

Top-notch Technology Stack

The world of Coding grows and changes EVERY DAY. Learn the newest and most demanded languages and frameworks in the current market. Your potential employers will LOVE IT.

Really Part-time

It is not about teaching on after-hours, it requires much more! This program is meant for employed professionals. We have designed the perfect method for both flexible and blended learning in an “after-hours” setting.

Course Structure


Duration: 2 wks
Starting with the basics: HTML5 + CSS3 + JavaScript. We review the basics of coding and make sure we are all on the same page.
Possible Projects:
CSS Postcard, Minimal Instagram Version, etc.

Learn To Code

Duration: 2 wks
Think like a computer: Control the flow of your code, code algorithms, loop, use conditionals, webpack, the command line, SASS transpile, GIT, etc.
Possible Projects:
Instagram application, Memory Card game, Tic Tac Toe, Flappy Bird, etc.

Junior Applications

Duration: 6 wks
Create your first React.js application, MVC Pattern, JS Modules, Bundling, BabelJS, The DOM, Events, AJAX.
Possible Projects:
Coursera clone, Airbnb clone, Instagram clone, YouTube clone, etc.

Advanced Applications

Duration: 6 wks
Python, Flask, REST API's, Databases, SQL, MVC Pattern, Publishing your webiste, etc.
Possible Projects:
During this phase you will have to design, code, test and publish your own entire web application.

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Receive training from only SENIOR mentors

Meet our team of highly trained developers – each of whom holds a Senior position at one of Miami's top tech industry companies.

Ignacio Córdoba

The great “Nacho!”  Nacho is not only a great developer, but an amazing team builder as well. For several years, he has been both writing and developing software as well as leading teams.  Nacho is going on12 years of experience and has now become a Master Mentor.  Students are ecstatic to have him as an Instructor because he absolutely understands what it takes to become a great developer.

James Walters

The "new geek" in the team. A committed and passionate developer. Executive level director with 14 years of Information Technology and business management experience in the private sector with key emphasis in software development (SDLC), system implementation, vendor management, and business intelligence analytics.

Colby Taylor

He's a marketer turned web developer, always looking for the right opportunity to better utilize his passion for creating a mindblowing user experience with his knowledge and experience with front-end technologies.

Jonathan Ferragut

Software looks like a recent passion, but the truth is that he is always thinking about tech and software development. Background in technology-focused industries and sales, with more than 10 years in leadership positions. Strong Software Development and troubleshooting skills, with a focus in critical thinking and cultivating solutions.

Guensie Grecy

Another Lawyer turned into tech. Guensie is now a developer with a proven ability to build a web presence from the ground up – from concept, design, development, and testing to UX.

Ángel Lacret

Angel has a unique way of both explaining and teaching.  He always finds the best way to explain complex concepts.  With more than 12 years of experience, Ángel has become the CEO of one of the biggest software companies in Venezuela.  He has developed over 200 projects, and he also has more than 3 years of teaching experience.

Patricia Ayuso

Patricia is not the usual geek!  She loves to code, but she also enjoys spending time with her family and doing yoga.  She is a Software Engineer (UCAB) and has been coding for the last 8 years.  Patricia has a Master’s degree in Management Information Systems with special focus in Business Intelligence.  She is passionate about programming and teaching, and she has joined 4Geeks Academy to help every student to become as skillful a developer as possible.

Marco Gomez

Marco is just a Geek!  He has been developing software since 2008, but he has also led several software teams to accomplish a variety of challenging products.  Marco is both a proven software engineer (UCV Engineer Diploma), and also an amazing teacher (he was in charge of the Academy at its inception).   Every task he assumes will be completed perfectly -  no matter the complexity attached.

Skills: Be prepared for the next decade

Develop the following essential skills needed to become a successful Senior Developer.
  • Web Architect
    When companies seek Senior Developers, they are really looking for Web Architects: Understanding HTTP properly, AJAX, APIs, GET, Client vs Server, etc.
  • Dynamic Websties
    HTML5 and CSS3 are only the tip of the iceberg – today’s websites use JS, React, Webpack, Python, Django, Mongo and hundreds of other technologies.
  • Data Master
    There is more data and information every day - being able to manipulate that data is mandatory to create products FOR TODAY.
  • Logical Thinker
    Think like a computer and create top-quality algorithms: Loops, conditionals, functions, variables, etc.
  • Search and Research
    Unfortunately, most of the specs out there are written poorly and lack detail. Sometimes the best developers are the ones that can find examples faster than anyone else. Learning to search properly and efficiently is one of the keys to success!

Technologies: Learning the Technologies that are needed both now and tomorrow.

Be proud! Our graduates are capable of realizing incredible ideas using the most modern technologies.

Over 500 students graduated so far

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