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Hiring Partners

Our four cornerstones

Flipped Classroom

Theory is delivered through video, animation, images, and infographics. Class-time is then used to debate, build projects and mentor over practical exercises.

1:7 Student Ratio

An intimate setting provides the faculty with the opportunity to adapt to each student’s particular pace.

1-1 Mentorship

Every student has the opportunity to have regular conversations with a mentor.

Talent Tree

The syllabus maps out 44 skills, where students earn points towards each skill in a gamified fashion.

The Team

Our team is devoted to deliver a premium program. In order to be part of our team, everybody needs to feel the passion for education, coding and helping students develop their skills. At 4Geeks Academy we believe in the power of education and the importance of coding.

Alex Mendez

The Academy designer. Tough work dealing with so many requirements. Everything has to be perfect and he focuses on delivering the best quality possible products.

Iván Aranzazu

The operations head in Venezuela. An educator by profession, coming to tech to let us know what needs to be improved.

Marcelo Ricigliano

Ok, someone has to be a non-coder. Although technology is his passion (and Juve, of course), Marcelo is not a software developer (actually graduated as a Lawyer). He has been founding Tech-startups since 2010, and now together with Alejandro, they are building a new framework for coding education: 4Geeks Academy.

Alejandro Sánchez

Once I heard that "you don't need words to describe genius". That's to define Alejandro. He has built the Academic platform, is the one responsible for the syllabus, an extraordinary Coder, and a dedicated teacher. When he is teaching everybody needs to listen because you are witnessing pure experience and knowledge.

Our story...

4Geeks Academy was founded in 2015. What started as an internal project to train more developers has now become our full-time passion.

4Geeks is today a USA based Coding Bootcamp pursuing to build a new framework for Coding Education, because coding is becoming an essential part of our society.

4Geeks Academy has now Locations in 3 cities, 5 on-going campuses, and more than 200 graduates.

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Let's Part-time

Part-time is more than a schedule. Building a methodology and content for part-time education has made us more flexible, tech-based and efficient.
All of our courses are part-time, in 3 hour classes 3 times a week.

Over 200 students graduated so far

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