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Lessons From our Alumni: Reasons Why You join a Coding Bootcamp


Lessons From our Alumni: 

Reasons Why You Join a Coding Bootcamp


Have you ever thought about studying programming? Well, we know you are wondering how to start your career as a programmer and what is the most profitable way to acquire the knowledge you need. Don’t worry! In the following article, we will answer all your questions and by the end, you will know why to choose a Bootcamp -and not a College degree- to accomplish your goals. 


We have decided to ask one of our alumni – Thanks Kevin Castillo! – just to give you a plain and third approach to the decision you are about to take. 


  1. Why did you decide to study Coding?

I decided to study programming because I wanted a career change. My best friend is a backend developer and suggested I try out some free developer courses and I was hooked. It provided an outlet for my creativity and gave me an opportunity to find a new career.


  1. What is your favorite part of being a student at 4Geeks Academy?

My favorite part of being a 4Geek alumni is the continued support offered by the academy. I still talk to some of the TA’s and teachers for continued support on my coding journey and they are always happy to help.


  1. What has been your greatest learning as a student at 4Geeks?

I’d say my greatest learning accomplishment would be my ability to learn how to code. I realized it was very difficult to know everything but to have the ability to learn new skills and to find the right solutions really made a difference in my coding skills.


4. In 3 words: What does anyone need to think of becoming a Full-Stack Developer?

Patience, Drive and Resilience

  1. Do you have a favorite programming language? Which and why?

Javascript would probably be my favorite language. It was taunting trying to learn it but I now know how important it was for coding, and once you get a good understanding of it all the other languages will be easier to learn.


  1. Any programmer you admire? Why?

Paolo, Jonathan, and David (instructors from the academy) are the programmers I admire. All 3 were there to help me during my cohort and all 3 are not only 4geek alumni but successful developers. To be able to learn from people who have been in my shoes is invaluable.


  1. What do you think is the key to the success of a programmer?

I believe a relentless but realistic approach is the best way to delve into the coding world. It will be difficult but if you’re willing to do it, it’s possible to become a successful developer. And it’s a lot easier than you’d think.


If you, like Kevin or many others that are part of our 4Geeks family, want a career change or simply want to learn about coding don’t hesitate and reach out to us, we would love to be part of your journey and help you achieve your goals.


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