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Pay nothing until you make it

Become a software developer and build your new Career without upfront payments.

  • Our  Graduates are making $50k (avg) per year;
  • Focus on your education first, then pay in monthly affordable installments;
  • Full-Time Program: Training on everything needed to become a successful software developer;
  • Get lifetime access to GeekPAL, GeekFORCE and our community of developers around the world. 

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We are proud to have been mentioned as one of the top coding bootcamps in the US by Newsweek

Download our syllabus PDF to get all the details

How it Works

Coding First: Focus on your education and not in the cost of the program.

Lowest Rate in USA: 9% of your future Income will be shared with 4Geeks

Time Frame: You will have -at least- 48 months to meet the revenue cap

Revenue Cap: 4Geeks  caps total payment at 1.5x the tuition cost.

Minimum Wage: You will start paying once you hit the $35k a year wage. Get ready for more!

Admissions Requirements: You have to be fully committed, agree to a Full Disclosure and get ready for an amazing career.

We are excited to be the first Coding Academy in Florida launching an Income Sharing Agreement

6 goals to change your life.

Master the coding fundamentals and how to apply them to create software.

Think like a computer and create algorithms: Loops, conditionals, functions, variables, etc.

Create several applications throughout the course and a final real-life project.

Rebuild your professional profile and update your entire online and offline presence.

Start looking for jobs and get trained on interview skills.

Negotiate your first salary and start living as a professional software developer!

89% of our graduates are now working as software developers with an average entry salary of $50,000/yr.

Program Details

We have designed a small pre-work to get you prepared before starting the in-site phase.

During this prework you will learn about software development fundamentals, coding fundamentals and first steps in web development with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

Our courses are being featured in the world's top teaching websites like Repl.it and have been taken by more than 2,500 students

You will get hundreds of exercises to practice, interactive tutorials, videos and master clasess to become the developer the market is looking for.

Click on any of the 4 phases to learn more about it.

This is the most important phase of the course divided in 4 phases that will make you go from nothing to professional coding.

It does not matter what type of developer you want to be, you always use: Loops, Conditionals, Working with Arrays, Object Oriented Programing, Mapping, Filtering, Ordering, etc.

React.js has become the new jQuery for a lot of companies, products like Office 360, AirBnB, Facebook and many others are build in on top of it.

During two weeks you will code several apps in React.js with the help of our mentors that have taken part in the development of the React.js ecosystem and code.

Python is the fastest growing language in the developed word. The King of the back-end. Learn how to create your own API's, connect to databases like Postgree, MySQL or Mongo and publish them online.

Focus your entire attention into developing a real life web application, you will define, conceptualize and pect your project out as it will become the cornerstone of your future profile and project portfolio.

Together with our team, and based on your skills, we will build the best possible resume and online profile you can have

You will publish online everything you have build in a professional way. We will teach you how to start publicly contributing and help you join open source projects and other initiatives.

During this last phase you will have mock interviews, introduce you to potential employers and help you get started in your job hunting.

If you are interested in getting hired, our team will actively support you very close during your job hunting. Helping you prepare for specific interviews, presenting you with oportunities, etc.

Technologies You Will learn

After years of fine-tuning, we have hand-picked a selection of technologies that will prepare yours for most coding jobs and skills of the future. The classes are focused in Back-end and Front-end technologies, using Python and Javascript (Using React.js) as the main stack of technologies among many others.

Download our syllabus PDF to get all the details

Some of our students testimonials

Olson Dimanche:
Graduate from our Miami-Downtown VII Cohort.

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Guensy Grecy:
Alumni from the Downtown-Miami V Cohort.

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