Looking for: Communications and Public Relations

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Communications and Public Relations

We are very proud of syllabus, teaching methodology and career outcomes, 87% of our students are getting a Job. We are really graduating devs! :) But we need more people talking about it, we need more partners helping us build better devs and hiring our devs, we need to help more private and public institutions. 4Geeks Academy needs to be at the epicenter of the city's tech ecosystem.


  1. Design, present and execute a Public Relations and communications plan for the company.
  2. Build and nurture relationships with companies that are interested in:
  3. Create activities, initiatives or programs together with 4Geeks;
  4. Offer and/or develop proposals and to ensure the execution of tailored training programs for our partners;
  5. Storytelling: create inspirational testimonials and stories about our students and alumni experience with our program by following the methodology.
  6. Responsible for set-up, support and execution of events with partners and organizations in order to provide brand value, leads generation or program positioning as leaders in town (event as Startup Chile or Corfo);
  7. Build relationships with either public or private organizations that collaborates with 4Geeks target audience to increase leads;
  8. Controlling and manage the whole relationship between 4Geeks Academy and influence people and organizations in Startups,  accelerator organizations, fundraising and technology areas;
  9. Brand reputation and brand awareness: Specify monthly guidelines in media to develop the identity and positioning of the brand;
  10. Build a corporate identity proposal that can be executed in the market
  11. Execute and lead the job Fair events for each cohort;
  12. Design and execute a 4Geeks culture plan for the team but above all for the students and the company community;
  13. Attend leads attending 4Geeks events or initiatives, to lead them to the next steps of the admission process;
  14. Design and ensure the execution of campaigns on social media that demonstrate the 4Geeks culture, reach and success.

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    More about 4Geeks Academy

    4Geeks Academy was founded in 2015. What started as an internal project to train more developers has now become our full-time passion.

    4Geeks is today a USA based Coding Bootcamp pursuing to build a new framework for Coding Education, because coding is becoming an essential part of our society.

    4Geeks Academy has now Locations in 3 cities, 5 on-going campuses, and more than 200 graduates.

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