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5 Differences Between a Coding Bootcamp and a Coding Course


5 Differences Between a Coding Bootcamp and a Coding Course


When we talk about “coding course” we mean those online or in-person lessons, workshops, or training courses addressing technical aspects of coding, including those who are called “full-stack” or “software programming” or so on. 

When we were writing this article I thought: actually it’s one main difference between them: a Coding Bootcamp is meant to change your life (or will try), while a course will give you content to practice a particular topic. 


Cohesive and Structured Progress 

Coding courses are usually flexible. In a course, you will have the freedom of not having a fixed schedule because it allows you to have the flexibility of reproducing it whenever you want. However, this can represent a disadvantage, since you would have to be very dedicated and organized to complete it. On the other hand, in a Coding Bootcamp you will have a fixed schedule (normally, even if it’s “flexible”) and this will become an advantage since you will have a time framework set to complete your program, and you will have that sense of “responsibility” to not fail and to not lose your investment. 

It is important to choose a program that is adaptable to both your individual learning style and your lifestyle. Look for a Bootcamp that is built with flexibility in mind, with structured options to suit your unique needs and schedule.

At 4Geeks Academy, we have two schedules for students to choose from. The first would be Full-Time, which is held from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM. This program is meant for those who want to be 100% immersed in learning programming. The second, Part-Time, is held three days a week, from 6:00 PM. to 9:00 PM. This one is for those who want to keep their job/duties while changing their life. 



In some coding courses, a limited timeframe is not imposed, the progress is left to the consideration and disposition of the student. Which can cause more dropouts compared to a coding Bootcamp, since there is no clear path established students may prioritize other tasks before the course. Coding Bootcamps on the other hand have a structured path and, on average, lasts between 10 to 16 weeks. It’s an intensive modality that allows you to prepare in the short term to become a  programmer.

Moreover, a Career Karma study found that there is an unmet demand for 6,000 IT professionals per year, making the coding Bootcamp industry a solution, not only fast but also efficient. And after Covid-19, it’s even bigger the relevance (or you still want to spend $50k per year in College fees?).

At 4Geeks Academy, we have adapted the length of our Bootcamp to two modalities: a Part-Time program (classes three days a week) for 16 weeks and a  Full-Time program (classes from Monday to Friday) lasting a total of  9 weeks.


Networking and collaboration

In a coding course, each student works remotely, while in a coding Bootcamp you have to peer programming (it should be this way) and live instructors accompanying you during your learning process. Many advantages here: 

First, you can develop and strengthen your ability to learn, to collaborate with a diverse group of professionals. Second, you have the opportunity to have different points of view in order to obtain a solution or to understand certain concepts. According to research conducted by R. Keith Sawyer, professor of psychology at the University of Washington, studying in groups and accompanied is more effective because there is a discussion on the subject.

And third, you have the opportunity to network, which is a way of relating to other professionals, either in your area or from other areas. This is fundamental for your future since it gives you the opportunity to get to know people within the industry and this may come to be useful in a future venture, business or project.


Who teaches you

Coding courses usually have modules with instructor recordings, whereas a coding Bootcamp class is usually live. The speed in which you learn with a person’s guidance in real-time does not compare to pre-recorded videos. You can solve your doubts in class, with your instructor and classmates, unlike a course, where you should probably look for other means.

Some benefits indicated by the Saint Leo University institution, in the United States, of studying with a teacher and experienced in the field are:

  1. They can help structure your resume.
  2. They understand the specific skills necessary to work within the industry.
  3. They have up-to-date knowledge of their current industry.
  4. They can teach you about possible challenges and solutions to those challenges.
  5. They can help you with professional networks (networking).

In 4Geeks Academy students can have 1:1 unlimited sessions with our instructors, who are always willing to help you with any questions and doubts that you may have. We also have group chats in which you can ask questions any time of the day and someone will always provide you with an answer.


Career Support

A coding course usually ends when the last module is completed, but in a coding Bootcamp, career support plays a fundamental role, as well as guidance in the job search.

The annual Stack Overflow report indicates that 85% of Bootcamp graduates find full-time jobs in the first 120 days after completing the program. At 4Geeks Academy we take the following steps to professionally train our students:

  1. We have several workshops for our students, addressing many different topics: how  to face job interviews, tips to improve your resume, your portfolio, how to start searching, and much more;
  2. Students get mock interviews with senior developers and recruiters from the network. They need to practice what will happen in a real one!
  3. Students get mentorship even after finding a job because starting a new career is painful and hard at the beginning. 


Full-stack developers are increasingly sought after by companies. If you are thinking about it, just join 4Geeks Academy, or any other school (shame on you!), but pursue a decision that will take you where you need to be.

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