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Premium Coding Education, Part-Time, from $135/mo

Learn to code and join more than 500 graduates already working as coders
Get career support for life and a become a part of one of the biggest coding communities in the world.

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6 goals to change your life.

Master the coding fundamentals and how to apply them to create web applications.

Learn how to think to solve problems faster and efficiently. Think like and engineer.

The most used languages and tools Python, React.js, Node, Heroku, Git and many other.

Land your first coding job, increase your income and enjoy being a coder for the next 20 years.

Build a real web application of your choice using everything you have learned.

Join the local tech ecosystem and participate in the top tech events in the city.

Gamified and focused on skills with modern technologies

Complete challenges, projects and quizzes to gain all the skills from our Talent Tree.
Learn an advanced stack of technologies to meet the demands that companies seek.

Why do we teach these technologies?

JavaScript has 26x's more job vacancies than Ruby On Rails. Python has 14x's more job vacancies than Ruby On Rails. Click here to check it out!

JavaScript 60% Python 27% Ruby 13%

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Get immersed in Miami's Coding Ecosystem

4Geeks Academy and our students actively participate in Miami's top coding initiatives.

Ace any job interview or code for yourself

As a student, you will develop real-life projects similar to the most popular websites out there:

  • Airbnb

  • Instagram

  • Slack.com

  • Coursera

Become prepared with all the desired skills and tools that our network of hiring partners is craving for:

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Pricing & Financing

Starting at

Prices can vary depending on our courses and locations

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Payment options

We accept the best talent no matter their income: Long term financing, scholarships or deferred tuition options available.

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This was the most challenging part…our program was designed from the ground up aiming to make coding education universal.

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Over 500 students graduated so far

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