Coding Introduction Course

From Zero to Real Coding in just 2 Weeks

Why Take This Program

For someone with little or no coding skills at all, this program is the ideal introduction to web development. Students will create small websites and start mastering real coding skills such as looping, conditionals, etc.

Blind to Full-Stack

By the end of the Coding Intro Program you will be able to develop your first real website and be ready to jump into our more complete Full-Stack Program.
[ 150+ hrs of lessons | 1 (In-person) class per week | Up to 4 weeks. ]

What You Will Learn

Your First Website

Duration: 1 week
Start coding right away. Use HTML5 & CSS3 to build a couple of small websites including an Instagram simulation.
Understand the workflow of coding websites, learn best practices and master the most important Layout, CSS and HTML skills.

Learn To Code

Duration: 1 week
Think like a computer: Control the flow of your code, create algorithms, loop, use conditionals, and use/mix JavaScript with both HTML5 & CSS3 to launch your first interactive website.
Possible Projects:
Small interactive websites and games.

Download our syllabus PDF to get all the details

A real 4Geeks Academy student

4Geeks Academy students receive a lot of benefits, and even though the course is designed to be 99% online, you will also have the following student benefits while taking this course:

  • Get access to the Academic (online) platform with hundreds of online learning lessons and materials.
  • Free access to most of the academy events, talks and workshops.
  • Office hour access to our co-working space and start working on the assignments, exercises and projects.
  • Gather together and share with other students during the Coding Weekends with live mentoring and other fun activities.
  • Full access to our student and alumni network, online communication channels and free tickets to sponsored events.
  • Schedule 1-on-1 mentoring sessions with our Senior Instructors.

Skills: Be prepared to Full-Stack

The program focuses on 2 of the most important skills to start coding.
  • Build Websties with HTML5 and CSS3
    In web development, everything starts with HTML and CSS. Learn how to create static websites with these two technologies.
  • Logical Thinker
    Think like a computer and create top-quality algorithms: Loops, conditionals, functions, variables, etc. Create algorithms to generate dynamic HTML & CSS.

Calendar: Starting Every 4 Weeks

Pick the date that most accommodates your schedule and begin your new career with a very small investment or even for free!




Come to any of our 4Geeks Night events and you might be eligible to get free access to the Intro program and become an official 4Geeks Academy student!

Over 500 students graduated so far

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