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Paving the way in Coding Bootcamps: 4Geeks Outcome Report 2019-2020


Paving the way in Coding Bootcamps:
4Geeks Outcome Report 2019-2020


2020 has not been the year we thought it to be, it was supposed to be a year of growth for humanity, of new innovative tech, and many things more. Although it’s been crazier, unusual and sad, we have also had many nice things as well: Launching Astronauts to the ISS with Spacex, many startups and enterprises switching to Remote and lowering costs, Oxfords and many other are working on a new vaccine for Covid-19, many improvements in AI, among some others. 


However, we never expected that 2020 was going to be the year that everything changed. None of us could have imagined what would happen; the pandemic turned the world upside-down and for months people stayed at home not because we wanted to but because we needed it to be safe.  


Our typical routine changed: our living room became our office and classroom, our bedroom a gym and our kitchen the perfect restaurant for date night.  But as everything changed, some things remained the same, people continued to have the drive and motivation to better themselves; to acquire new skills, and now they had the time to learn about topics that they always wanted to learn but never had the time. 


That’s where we come in, 4Geeks Academy was created in 2016 with the purpose of helping people pursue their dreams, whether they wanted to gain new skills or they wanted a career change. We are here to help you achieve those coding goals alongside an amazing international community of motivated and driven individuals. As we head towards a new world, the demand for coders and developers will only increase. 


Today we are excited to share our latest Outcome Report, one that will allow you to see and understand what 4Geeks is really about and how our commitment to our students is stronger than ever.


Here are some highlights from our most recent report:


  • Over the last 4 years, we have graduated over 700 students across 6 different campuses and more than 15 on-going programs.


  • 85,2% of graduates that participate in our Career Service Program “Geek Force- For Career Empowerment” found a job after 100 days from graduation, and, in average, they got a 22% salary increase


  • Our students generally need on average around 94 days to land a job in the field, but some have even found a job before finishing the program. Some of our students have gotten jobs in: Ultimate Software, Amex, 2Fish Creative, Enhance IT,, Code Ninja.


Ivette Dominguez:  Assistant Center Director at Code Ninja


  • We offer different financial support options to accommodate all of our students 


At 4Geeks we take pride in how our diverse community allows us to learn and evolve, we have students from all over the world, 40% from Latam, 6% from Europe, 3% from Asia and 51% from the US, from all ages and genders. Women’s participation in our coding programs had always been low but thanks to our alliances with several Women Empowerment Organization our most recent cohort is 71% female, a record for the city in mixed programs

After you read all those facts and numbers, you might be thinking that sounds amazing! But, why should I choose 4Geeks? 


Well, most of our students come to us for 1 of 2 main reasons -normally-. Either they want to change careers or, they want to gain new skills and grow in the field. That is why since the beginning of our programs we dedicate ourselves to make sure that all of our students are accomplishing their career goals. 


We have constant lines of communication open with our students to help them in any way we can, whether they need help solving a problem, help with their resume or they just need someone to vent to. One important thing to know is that after you join 4Geeks you will never have to do it alone, you have a whole community rooting and cheering for you. 


We know that every story has two sides, so here are a few testimonials of our students about our programs:


“One of the most important perks about 4Geeks is the mentoring, they guide and advise you during your entire professional life. One of the best things about 4Geeks is that you will never feel alone” 

Flor Rodriguez

Current Student at 4Geeks  

“My favorite part of being a 4Geek alumni is the continued support offered by the academy. I still talk to some of the TA’s and teachers for continued support on my coding journey and they are always happy to help” 

Kevin Castillo 

Alumni of 4Geeks Academy 

I’m delighted with the program. In fact, if the academy opens another course in the future, I’m interested in doing it” 

Luis Sanchez 

Current Students at 4Geeks Academy

So what are the next steps

There is no better time to start something new! 

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