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Finally an affordable & premium course in Miami.

We never stopped trying until we mastered a real premium but affordable program. Talk to one of our student advisors and make sure you are a good fit for our program.;

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Let's Part-time

Part-time is more than a schedule. Building a methodology and content for part-time education has made us more flexible, tech-based and efficient.
All of our courses are part-time, in 3 hour classes 3 times a week.

Gamified training focused on
skills & modern technologies

Complete challenges, projects and quizes to gain all the skills from our Talent Tree.

Learn an advanced stack of technologies, what companies are looking for.

Why do we teach this technologies?

Javascript has 26x more job vacancys than Ruby On Rails. Python has 14x more job vacancys than Ruby On Rails. Click here to check it out!

  • Javascript: 1348
  • Python: 746
  • Ruby: 51

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Ace any job interview or code for your self

We know how typical coding interviews are, and what they will ask you to code (testing your skills). We've created and improved a series of in-class exercises and projects tailored to ace those tests. Here you can have a taste of the projects built by some of our students:

  • Airbnb Clone

  • Instagram Clone

  • Slack.com Clone

  • Coursera Clone

Pricing & Financing



Extended Plan

From $240/month

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This was the most challenging part, our program was designed from the ground up aming to make coding education universal;

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Over 200 students graduated so far

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